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3 Reasons To Visit Georgia With Your Family

3 Reasons To Visit Georgia With Your Family

Vacations with your family should be to locations were all of you can have fun. There need to be family-friendly activities, tours, and places that are perfect for people young and old. Georgia is a state that is well-known for places that adults really enjoy. However, there are just a few that you might want to consider doing when you get to this state which also does have family friendly activities. Here are the top 3 places that you can visit where you and your kids can have a great time.

Aquariums And Zoos

Two of the best places you can take your kids is going to be an aquarium and the zoo. His love both of them. Fortunately, in the city of Atlanta, you have both. You have the Georgia aquarium which has thousands of fish that your kids will absolutely love. Additionally, there is Zoo Atlanta, and also Bear Hollow Zoo which is also a lot of fun.

Outdoor Activities Your Kids Will Love

If your kids are really active, then the Bicycle Tours of Atlanta is the first place you should start. You can get up in the morning, rent the bicycles and gear that you will need to start pedaling around. If you would prefer, you can actually go on Segway tours that are perfect for people of all ages. You can ride with your kids, and also get a tour of the city, without getting exhausted. There is one other thing that your kids will love to do and that is go out on the water and find some dolphins.

Boat Tours And Charters

There is a little place on the East Coast of Georgia called Jekyll Island. It’s right off of Fancy Bluff Creek. You can actually see dolphins out there with your kids will get really excited about. There is also a lighthouse Museum right across the bay. You can also take advantage of Captain Derek’s Dolphin Adventure which goes out of Tybee Island instead. Either one of these will allow you to have the best possible chance of seeing dolphins with your kids.

These are the top three reasons that you should consider going to Georgia. It’s not just about the city of Atlanta, although that is a lot of fun. If your kids love animals, dolphins, and going out on the water, they are going to have a very exciting time when they get to Georgia.