5 Cities To Visit In Georgia - Affordable Apartments For Rent In Marietta-GA Currently Available
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5 Cities To Visit In Georgia

5 Cities To Visit In Georgia

There are several cities in Georgia that you should visit if you are staying for a few weeks. You should devote a couple days to each one. Each city will have different activities that you can do, most of which are going to be completely different from all of the others. Let’s take a look at what you can do when you get to Georgia and what five cities you should visit during your vacation.


One of the most important sporting events in America is called the Masters. This is where top players in the sport of golf meat, and they all come to Augusta. If you plan your trip right, ending up in this city during the first week of April, you might be lucky enough to see it in action.


This location is a little smaller and it has a couple attractions that are related to the military. There is the National Infantry Museum and also the National Civil War Naval Museum, both of which have some of the nicest artifacts from these eras. There is also the Columbus Museum and you can also do white-water rafting. It’s a great place to visit during the summer.


North of Atlanta, you can really enjoy the food and beer tours that everyone loves. Additionally, there are museums that you can see, and graveyards for Confederate soldiers. There are also concerts, shows, and an amusement park.


This is a place that people travel to in order to experience the haunted aspect of the city. There is also the Architectural Tours of Savannah, plus many other unique activities. They also have a Savannah hop on hop off trolley tour where you can learn more about the city, all the while being driven to the different locations.


Finally, you need to and your journeys in the city of Atlanta where you probably arrived if you flew in. It makes sense to make this your final destination, if it wasn’t already your first one. This has so many things to offer. There are aquariums, Segway tours, and places to go kayaking. It is a beautiful city, and if you do get to go there, always remember to check out the Museum of Aviation and the Coca-Cola building.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you want to have a fantastic vacation when you go to Georgia. This will allow you to keep moving, and experience many different aspects of this beautiful state on a vacation that you are planning right now.